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Hillel at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Hillel at UIC serves as the center for Jewish life for a large and diverse group of students. Shabbat dinners, community service opportunities, Israel advocacy and social activates, such as bagel brunches and barbecues, are all regular features of Hillel at UIC. In addition, we welcome the opportunity for students to take a more active role in guiding the direction of Hillel, by offering a wide variety of leadership positions for students who wish to be involved. As one of our most active student bodies, students from all our campuses always love to come to UIC to check out what’s going on at Hillel.
To learn more about Hillel at UIC contact Andrew or check it out on Facebook

Levine Hillel Center at UIC
The Levine Hillel center is located just off of UIC’s campus, at 924 S. Morgan. The three-floor building is a space for students to hang out, study, relax and meet friends. It also serves as an event space for much of what’s happening for Hillel at UIC. The building includes a large kosher kitchen used for heating and preparing food for Hillel events. Unless later events are going on the building is usually open Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. Stop by to grab a cup of coffee and to say hello anytime we’re open!


Hillel at the Illinois Institute of Technology
Hillel at Illinois Tech gives students a chance to connect with other Jewish students on campus and form a close Jewish community. Whether it’s munching on some kosher pizza, a discussion about the relationship between the Israeli and American Jewish community, or just spending some time one-on-one talking about classes, Hillel at Illinois Tech has something for everyone. As students plan the majority of the events, Hillel at Illinois Tech offers great leadership opportunities, and a chance for each student to make a real impact on the Jewish community on campus.
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